New Chance to Shine Street Projects Launched

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March saw the launch of two brand new Street Projects in Smethwick and Wolverhampton. On the 4th March, 22, 8 to 15-year-old children from the Smethwick area embarked on a journey to take part in the programme to engage with Cricket. The majority of the children were new to Cricket and under the guidance of Rashmi Patel began to enjoy playing. The programme has now been running for 4 weeks with new children joining the programme every week. We now have over 30 Children registered and are averaging over 20 attendees weekly. Both programmes are funded by Chance to Shine and we are grateful to the venues Shireland Collegiate Academy and the Way Youth Zone who are also supporting the project.

On the 9TH March the Wolverhampton project was launched at the Way Youth Zone where 29 children (8 to15) signed up and began enjoying cricket. Tariq Ali is the lead coach on the project supported by two young leaders from The Way. Currently both projects are focusing on some coaching with some game time and when settled in will be playing cricket under Chance to Shine Street rules which will further develop their skills. On the 30th March we had another 13 children sign up at The Way making 55 in total.

Both projects have produced fantastic numbers with the vast majority new to cricket which we hope to sustain during the longevity of the project.

Our thanks go to Rashmi and Tariq for their hard work and commitment to the projects.

We haven’t rested on our laurels, on the 21st April another new project starts at Jubilee Park Tipton where it is anticipated we will attract similar numbers.

We are also in discussion with two partners to start a Chance to Shine Street project for girls in Wolverhampton but more news on that next month. 


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