Chance To Shine

Chance to Shine is a charitable organisation which, since 2005,has helped reverse the decline in cricket in state schools. Working in close partnership with all 39 County Cricket Boards and hundreds of local cricket clubs, we’ve got three million boys and girls in over 11,000 schools playing and learning through cricket.

Chance to Shine Street is bringing cricket to thousands more young people in inner- city areas. It uses the game to increase aspiration, promote social cohesion and create opportunities in diverse communities affected by youth crime and anti-social behaviour. For more information on Chance to Shine Street, please click here

In Staffordshire, Chance to Shine invests funds into Staffordshire Cricket to deliver cricket into the county’s network of schools – mainstream and special needs. This ranges from teaching Key Stage 1 pupils fundamental movement skills, the basics of the game up to involvement full countywide competitions, continuous personal development work with teachers and a focus on learning through the game with classroom resources to aid study as well as physical education.

Our coaches work to develop links between schools and local cricket clubs and All Stars Cricket centres to create exit routes and additional playing opportunities for young people.

Chance to Shine has also created a whole host of Teacher Resources for the playground and classroom - the links below will take you the site.

See our C2S case study video: Local case study – Dan Grounds - from playground to County Captain


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