Special Schools

Staffordshire Cricket currently delivers the Chance to Shine programme into the county's special schools. Delivering funded curriculum and extra curricula sessions, the programme provides fundamentals of cricket and sport, competition, school/club links, personal and social development as well as teacher training.

Additionally, Staffordshire also delivers Table Cricket as part of the Lord Taverners programme into the county's special schools. This programme has been introduced to give youngsters with a physical and/or learning disability the opportunity to compete in the game of cricket. As with any form of the game, there is a bowler, batter and fielders, as well as an umpire to oversea proceedings. Participants are provided with the opportunuity to improve social skills while at the same time developing their cognitive skills, team skills, hand eye co-ordination, spatial awareness and physical well being.

For more information on the work that Lord Taverners do, please have a look at their website  www.lordstaverners.org 

If you would like a member of the disability team to contact your school about disability cricket then please use the contact us form at the top of the page.




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