Club Development and Clubmark

Working with clubs is what we do on a daily basis and helping with club development and clubmark is a huge part of this role.

In order for our clubs to be great places for young people and adults to play, they need to be well ran, welcoming and safe places with sound structures in place to ensure that the club can flourish in the years to come. 

Working on club development helps a club to plan for its future and look hard at how it currently runs and what improvements can be made in the short term to improve the offer to members.


By registering to work towards ECB Clubmark, clubs join a growing number of cricket clubs across Staffordshire and England and Wales that are prioritising junior development and creating a benchmark for high quality community club cricket.

We, as the County Cricket Board for Staffordshire support clubs through the ECB Clubmark process and work closely with County Sports Partnerships to assist clubs with this process.

ECB Clubmark gives clubs an opportunity to review its operational practice and procedures as well as acknowledge and champion existing practices.

Cricket clubs are required to present evidence and demonstrate implementation across four different themes, culminating in the production of a Club Development Plan.

The four themes are:

  • Proactive Leadership and Direction
  • Welcoming Atmosphere
  • Inspiring and Diverse offer
  • Ensuring that every person matters

If you would like to register your club for Clubmark Accreditation or you would like a member of the club development team to come out and visit your club then please contact us using the contact form on the top right hand side of our website.



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